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Eugene Narrett Z"L
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Monday, December 09 @ 19:00:15 EST
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JewishIndy sadly mourns the loss of Prof. Eugene Narrett. He had been a valued contributor to JewishIndy.   Type Prof. Eugene Narrett into the search box to review his many previous posts on JewishIndy. Blessed will be his memory.  Alav hashalom.  Baruch Dayan Ha'emet.

December 9, 2013
Forwarded by Reuven Kossover
I just noticed this on my e-mails from Ted Belman. It is copied unedited. Dr. Eugene Narrett, z"l, was an inspiration for me in my writing. May the almighty comfort the members of the Narrett family among all the mourners of Zion and Israel, and may they hear no more bad news.
Barukh Dayan haEmet.

From Buddy Macy

Friends & Correspondents:

My cousin, Eugene Narrett – professor, writer, painter, commentator and strong advocate for Israel and the Jewish People – died tragically this past Friday evening after being struck by a hit-and-run driver in Brattleboro, Vermont. Eugene was a pedestrian, having just visited an art gallery a short distance away. It was three weeks short of his 65th birthday.

Funeral services for Eugene Narrett will take place this Wednesday, December 11, at the Jewish Memorial Chapel at 841 Allwood Road in Clifton, NJ, commencing at 11a.m.

Eugene received a PhD in English Literature from Columbia University and taught Art, Art History, History, Literature and Philosophy. He had an extraordinary knowledge and appreciation of the Classics , and had reached a scholarly level in the area of Jewish studies. In his early 20's, Eugene began educating himself about the history of ancient and modern Israel, and he became one of the foremost authorities on the geopolitics of the Middle East, providing commentary on numerous radio programs, including Israel National Radio (many times) and the Barry Farber Show.

Dr. Narrett held strong views about Israel, based on history, Jewish identity and the current reality. He believed in Israel's Biblical, legal and historical rights to all of the land between the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River, and was an outspoken critic of the 1993 Oslo Accords between Israel and the Arab-"Palestinians." He would be quick to point out the deadly consequences of that failed political strategy. Many of Dr. Narrett's writings and radio commentaries may be accessed through his Israel End Times blog,

Treat and educate yourself by listening to Dr. Eugene Narrett on this edition of the Tovia Singer Show.

Eugene, may the Almighty comfort you amongst the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. And, may all of your hopes and dreams for Israel come to fruition in the very near future.

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Irena Sendler
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Wednesday, March 06 @ 18:45:37 EST
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From Laurie
Holocaust Awareness Project
March 6, 2013

The story of Irena Sendler came very close to being lost to history, even though it is an incredible true story of a simple woman whose courage was responsible for saving over 2500 Jewish children from certain death during the Holocaust.

Irena Sendler was a 29-year-old social worker in Warsaw when the Nazis invaded Poland in 1939 Irena joined the Zegota, the "Polish Council to Aid Jews." As a social worker she was put in charge of Zegota's Children's Division. Her job was threefold -- to locate Jewish children, to bring them to temporary safety and, ultimately to find hiding places where they could be safely hidden throughout the war.

With a pass from the Contagious Disease Department Irena made daily trips into the Warsaw Ghetto where 250,000 Jews were interned by the Nazis. The situation inside the ghetto was horrible and Irena quickly realized that the Nazis intended to kill everyone inside the ghetto.

Irena located orphaned children and removed them from the ghetto. She also approached parents and persuaded them to let her take their children into hiding, talking them, as she later noted, "out of their children." Sometimes she doped the children and smuggled them out under a tram seat or inside a tool box. At other times she used the Old Courthouse on the edge of the ghetto to ferry the children out of the ghetto. "Sick" children could be brought out in ambulances and Irena also tied children under the stretchers. Sometimes Irena guided the children out through sewer pipes and via other underground passageways.

Irena documented each rescue as well as the family with whom each rescued child was placed. She hid these scraps of paper in jars which she buried in her yard, hoping against hope that she would later be able to reunite the children with their families. This act later inspired a production, Life in a Jar, based on Irena's activities.

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Hatikva at Bergen-Belsen
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Thursday, December 13 @ 23:09:21 EST
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In rare and moving footage dated to April 20th 1945, inmates at Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp sing the anthem of hope 'Hatikva.'

Hatikva at Bergen-Belsen  (Video 3:45)

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Stevie Wonder Against IDF? Pulls Out of Concert for Soldiers
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Thursday, November 29 @ 17:27:44 EST
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Legendary singer Stevie Wonder cancelled his scheduled performance at a fundraiser to benefit the Israel Defense Forces.

[JewishIndy Editor:  ...another one!  Some people are just blind, and are not very politically astute.]

By Rachel Hirshfeld
Arutz Sheva
Kislev 15, 5773, 29/11/12 11:02

Legendary songwriter, musician and singer Stevie Wonder cancelled his scheduled performance at a fundraiser to benefit the Israel Defense Forces.

Wonder, the recipient of 25 Grammy Awards and an Academy Awards, claimed that his attendance at the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) Western Regional Gala on Thursday, December 6th would be inconsistent with his status as a UN "Messenger of Peace."

The renowned performer had come under intense social media pressure to pull out of the event, with two different online petitions garnering thousands of signatures.

“You were arrested in 1985 protesting South African Apartheid, now we ask you: please remember that apartheid is apartheid, whether it comes from White Afrikaaner settlers of South Africa or from Jewish Israelis in Israel,” one petition reads. “Desmond Tutu has recognized that Israel’s Apartheid is worse than South Africa’s – will you stand with us against apartheid and cancel your performance at the IDF fundraiser.”

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The Holocaust List!
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Friday, July 13 @ 07:28:47 EDT
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VERY sad, unbelievable....

Click here: YouTube - CBS Holocaust Part I

Click here: YouTube - CBS Holocaust Part 2

This story was aired on CBS on "60 MINUTES" ** about a long-secret German archive that houses a treasure trove of information on 17.5 million victims of the Holocaust. The archive, located in the German town of Bad Arolsen , is massive (there are 16 miles of shelving containing 50 million pages of documents) and until recently, was off-limits to the public. But after the German government agreed earlier this year to open the archives, CBS News' Scott Pelley traveled there with three Jewish survivors who were able to see their own Holocaust records. It's an incredibly moving piece, all the more poignant in the wake of the meeting of Holocaust deniers in Iran and the denial speeches in the UN. We're trying to get word out about the story to people who have a special interest in this subject.

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‘Delayed’ Fast Day Begins ‘Three Weeks of Mourning’
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Sunday, July 08 @ 13:23:58 EDT
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The Fast of the 17th of Tammuz Sunday marks the start of three weeks of mourning of the siege and destruction of the Holy Temples.

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
Arutz Sheva
Tammuz 18, 5772, 08/07/12 01:12

The Fast of the 17th of Tammuz on Sunday marks the beginning of the three weeks of mourning over the siege on Jerusalem and destruction of the Holy Temples. The fast day was delayed one day because it is forbidden to fast on the Sabbath, except on Yom Kippur.

The three weeks end on the Ninth of Av, the day the First and Second Temples were destroyed. Some authorities date the destruction of the first Temple as 586 B.C.E, which is also the date on which Moses, having descended from Mount Sinai for the first time, saw the people celebrating the Golden Calf, broke the first set of Ten Commandments.

In addition, the priests of the First Temple era were forced on this day, a year before the Temple's destruction, to stop offering the daily sacrifice due to the shortage of sheep.

The Talmud also teaches that the evil King Menasheh had an idol placed in the Temple's Holy Sanctuary on Tammuz 17. Later, during Second Temple times, a Roman general placed an idol in the same place and publicly burned the Torah.

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Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir's Legacy
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Wednesday, July 04 @ 07:34:27 EDT
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By YoramEttinger
Israel Hayom
July 1, 2012

In 1992, the Republican Whip, Senator Alan Simpson from Wyoming, who was critical of Prime Minister Shamir's policies, told me: "How can I like Prime Minister Shamir when he resembles a non-peaceful roaring tiger? However, how can I but respect a roaring tiger?!”

Former Secretary of State Jim Baker, who was one of the crudest detractors of Shamir's policies, respected Shamir's ironclad commitment to deeply-rooted ideology. Therefore, he considered Shamir a trustworthy – although non-subservient – ally of the USA. Shamir was consistently guided by principles, values and history-steered vision/ideology; he was not herded – zigzagging - by pollsters and public opinion consultants.

The late Prime Minister Shamir was a role model of Jewish patriotism, optimism, principle-driven and security-based statesmanship, history-motivated tenacity, reliability, modesty, independence and endurance in face of brutal pressure.

In 1991, at the height of the bitter conflict between Prime Minster Shamir and Republican President Bush, then Republican House Whip, Newt Gingrich, asserted: "How can you expect communications between Bush, who was given the presidency, as well as the CIA and the UN ambassadorship, on a golden platter, and Shamir who has demonstrated willingness to sacrifice his life on the altar of ideology?!”

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Yitzhak Shamir: Warrior & Statesman (1915-2012)
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Wednesday, July 04 @ 07:30:31 EDT
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With the passing of Yitzhak Shamir we are seeing the near end of an era. How many individuals that could truly be considered among the founders of the State of Israel are left. Only a handful. Besides Shimon Peres and Moshe Arens there are not many members of the Jewish State’s founding generation whose names are easily recognizable to the international community.

Shamir’s involvement in leadership roles in the Zionist movement spanned nearly his entire adult life: underground fighter, intelligence officer, Soviet Jewry activist, politician, statesman and Prime Minister. Shamir was all of these and much more.

Shamir dedicated his life to the realization of the Zionist dreams of Theodor Herzl and Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Almost no other figure in Israeli history had a career that made such an impact on so many different crucial episodes in Israel’s development.

Yet, did the public ever really get to know the real Yitzhak Shamir?

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The Iasi Pogrom: A Solemn Jewish Anniversary
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Friday, June 29 @ 13:31:09 EDT
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By Jerrold L. Sobel
June 28, 2012

Historically speaking, it’s never difficult for writers of Jewish history to find an anniversary date connected with a tragedy. For example, a couple days ago I was enjoying an evening surfing the Web to see if anything stood out in Jewish history on my birthday, June 28th. Unfortunately I came upon one of the all time most heinous pogroms ever to have befallen the Jewish people during their remarkable but often calamitous history. On June 28, the Jews of Romania, at least what remains of them will solemnly commemorate a massacre of epic proportions, the 71st anniversary of the Iasi pogrom.

Romania, an ally of Germany closely mirrored the anti-Semitic policies of the Nazis during the Second World War. Throughout the first half of 1941 alone, 31 laws and decrees along with 17 anti Jewish resolutions were passed by the vehemently anti-Semitic Antonescu government. They were a precursor to the events which were to unfold on June 28/29, the cleansing of Romanian Jews from Romania’s second largest city after Bucharest, the city of Iasi.

In the days and weeks approaching June 28, 1941 the situation for the Jews of Iasi became increasingly ominous. In a similar pattern of depravity Jews have suffered throughout the ages, they became isolated and differentiated by the Romanian authorities. To avoid the mobs, houses of Christians were marked with crosses, all Jews were forced to wear the Star of David on their clothing, Jewish men were forced to dig ditches in the Jewish cemetery, Jewish homes and shops were broken into and looted, Synagogues burned, random acts of violence against Jews in the streets were commonplace throughout the city.

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Clinton in 2010: If It Doesn't Work In Two Years, 'Vote Us All Out Then'
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Saturday, June 16 @ 22:10:00 EDT
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Clinton At Cuyahoga In 2010: If It Doesn't Work In 2 Years, "Vote Us All Out Then"  (Video 0:41)

[JewishIndy Editor:  Well, it didn't work, and we are voting y'all out.  I'd like to see us prosecute you, as well.]

June 14, 2012

In 2010, former President Bill Clinton made a statement that President Obama would probably rather not be reminded of today. “The Democrats are saying something like this: ‘We found a big hole that we did not dig. We didn’t get it filled in 21 months, but at least we quit digging,’” Clinton said “‘Give us two more years. If it doesn’t work, vote us out.’”

President Obama famously told NBC News' Matt Lauer that his presidency would be a "one term proposition" if his policies did not turn the economy around by 2012.


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Chariots in Red Sea: 'Irrefutable evidence'
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Saturday, June 09 @ 21:15:00 EDT
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'Horse and human remains strewn like battlefield wreckage'

[JewishIndy Editor: Remember when we left Egypt? Of course we do! We will never forget!
Now, we can see the body parts and the chariots of the Egyptians strewn across the bottom of the Red Sea!
One would think that the Egyptians would have recognized the One true G-d and stop worshipping false gods and leave us the hell alone. But noooo! They are still worshipping their moon-god Allah, and are still relentlessly on our heels. They must have forgotten.
We don't call them "dumb Arabs" for nothing!]

By Joe Kovacs
June 7, 2012

(Photo:) Coral-encrusted object in Red Sea could be ancient Egyptian chariot wheels

A news report that stunned the world nine years ago about the discovery of possible ancient chariot wheels at the bottom of the Red Sea is suddenly gaining fresh attention with new video claiming “irrefutable evidence” that corroborates the find.
In June 2003, WND interviewed Bible enthusiasts who dove the waters of the Red Sea, alleging they found and photographed parts of chariots that may be the actual remains of the catastrophe brought upon the Egyptian army which pursued the Israelites, according to the Book of Exodus in the Bible.
“I am 99.9 percent sure I picked up a chariot wheel,” said Peter Elmer, a forklift mechanic from Keynsham, England, who made two diving trips to the Gulf of Aqaba branch of the sea. “It was covered in coral.”

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Message and Special Prayer For Holocaust Day
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Wednesday, April 18 @ 11:22:09 EDT
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A call to remember from the depths of our soul.

From Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks
Arutz Sheva
Nisan 26, 5772, 18/04/12 03:31

Tonight and tomorrow, the 27th of Nissan, we will be commemorating Yom HaShoah, the day set aside in the Jewish calendar for Holocaust remembrance. [Tonight, Wednesday, April 18th]

During the nightmare years of the Shoah, one moment stands out for what it taught about the human spirit. It concerns a man almost unknown in Britain, the Polish-Jewish physician Janos Korczak.

Early on in his medical career, Korczak was drawn to the plight of underprivileged children. He wrote books about their neglect and became a kind of Polish Dickens. In 1911 he founded an orphanage for Jewish children in Warsaw. It became so successful that he was asked to create one for Catholic children as well, which he did.

He had his own radio programme which made him famous throughout Poland. He was known as the “old doctor”. But he had revolutionary views about the young. He believed in trusting them and giving them responsibility. He got them to produce their own newspaper, the first children’s paper in Poland.

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The Netanyahu-Obama Divide
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Thursday, March 08 @ 09:51:55 EST
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By Yoram Ettinger 
Israel Hayom
March 8, 2012

The ideological divide between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama is unbridgeable. It cannot be papered-over by photo-opportunities, smiles and warm hospitality.

On the other hand, the worldview expressed by Netanyahu during his recent visit to the USA is consistent with the majority of Americans
and their representatives at the US House of Representatives and US Senate.

According to a February 12, 2012 Pew Research Center poll
, Americans support employing military force to prevent Iran from getting nukes by a margin of 58%:30%. 12% are undecided. 39%:5% want the US to support a potential Israeli military preemption to prevent Iran from becoming nuclear, while 51% want the US to remain neutral. These opinions have been consistent since October, 2009. A majority of Americans – 64%:21% - maintain that tougher sanctions will not be effective in preventing Iran's nuclear drive. Most Democrats, Independents and Republicans concur that even tougher sanctions are ineffective.

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The Con Artist
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Tuesday, February 28 @ 10:10:57 EST
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President Obama came to Washington with adoring fans and rave reviews, but he's since turned into the biggest box office flop of all time. He promised to cut the deficit in half and bring jobs back to America. He conned us. America can't afford a sequel.

The Con Artist  (Video 1:25)

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6 Years Later: Gush Katif Museum Memorializes the Expulsion
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Saturday, August 13 @ 21:30:00 EDT
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Six years after the expulsion from Gush Katif, Arutz Sheva visited the Gush Katif Museum in Jerusalem. 

By Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski
Arutz Sheva
Av 13, 5771, 13/08/11

Six years after the expulsion from Gush Katif as part of the disengagement plan, Arutz Sheva visited this week the Gush Katif Museum in Jerusalem, which undertook the task of memorializing the history of Gush Katif – both good and bad.

At the entrance to the museum, one sees a chronology of the Jewish settlement in the region, from the time of the Jewish forefather Isaac until the disengagement in 2005.

Many visitors are surprised to find out that Gush Katif’s history is not just about a number of communities that were established in recent times, but rather a history that is recorded as early as the Bible.

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Chai (18) - The Numbers of Life
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Thursday, August 04 @ 17:20:10 EDT
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Slide show: Jewish life in Poland 1920-1931
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Sunday, July 24 @ 11:15:55 EDT
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Here's a slide show of Jewish life in Poland between 1920 and 1931. Use your down arrow to move the show ahead to the next picture

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Meet Sholem Aleichem
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Friday, July 22 @ 13:22:59 EDT
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By Nahma Sandrow
Jewish Ideas Daily
July 19, 2011

In the 1880’s, the Ukrainian Jew Solomon Rabinowitz began his literary career under an assumed name—assumed because he was writing in Yiddish, rather than a respectable language such as Hebrew or Russian. The pseudonym he chose was Sholem Aleichem, which is simply the everyday greeting "How do you do?" His stories were immediately popular, and everyone soon knew the identity of the man behind the pseudonym, but he kept it anyway; it was perfectly emblematic of his creation and his era, in which common colloquial Yiddish came gloriously into its own.

The pseudonym also suited the author because of its companionableness. A marvelous new documentary film, Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness, is full of hundreds—maybe thousands—of individual faces, in vintage photos and on old home movie clips. These people look back at you, engaging you and each other in conversation, defying you to reduce them to nostalgic abstractions. These were Sholem Aleichem’s readers, and Laughing in the Darkness tells Sholem Aleichem’s story as a way of telling theirs.

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the settled ways of Jewish life in Eastern Europe fell apart. External forces were involved in this upheaval: the Industrial Revolution and the increasing impoverishment in the Pale of Settlement; the liberalization under Czar Alexander II and the violent repression and pogroms that followed his assassination; the Russian Revolution and World War I. And there were internal forces, both causes and effects: the Jewish Enlightenment movement and the concomitant flowering of Yiddish as a modern secular language with its own literature and press, Zionism, migrations, and assimilation.

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3 Tamuz: 17th Anniversary of Lubavitcher Rebbe's Passing
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Tuesday, July 05 @ 07:02:34 EDT
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By Hana Levi Julian
Arutz Sheva
July 5, 2011  3 Tammuz, 5771

(Israelnationalnews.com) On Monday evening, the Fourth of July, most people in the United States will still be celebrating the nation's Independence Day with barbecues and fireworks.

But there will be some converging on the Old Montefiore Cemetery in Cambria Heights, Queens, New York to mark a Jewish date that begins at sundown and will last until Tuesday night – Gimmel Tamuz, the third day of the Hebrew month of Tamuz.

It is the 17th anniversary of the passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Synagogues and organizations around the world will participate in prayers, lectures, musical tributes and extra performance of good deeds in the Rebbe's memory, according to Chabad.org.

By the end of this week tens of thousands of people will have prayed at the Rebbe's graveside. Those who are unable to make the trip physically will send prayer requests via fax and emails to the office at the “Ohel,” as the grave site is called.

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Remember Posted by jewishindy on Wednesday, June 29 @ 09:23:57 EDT
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By Rav Zvi Leshem
June 28, 2011  26 Sivan, 5771

This week, on the 25th of Sivan, was the fourth yartzeit of my teacher, Rav Shagar (Shimon Gershon Rosenberg) zt”l, who died of cancer at the age of 57. This is always an intense emotional day for me, and yet this year it seemed especially so. Perhaps this was due to the nature of the talks that I heard at the two memorial gatherings, in the evening in Jerusalem (where I was accompanied by my daughter Kinneret) and during the day at Yeshivat Siach Yitzchak in Efrat. I want to share a few of the thoughts with you. This is certainly not a full rendition of what I heard (not to mention the other lectures and shiurim that I didn’t hear), rather just some ideas and feelings.

In the evening the Rav’s widow Rabbanit Miriam Rosenberg[1] spoke. She reminded us of the Rav’s severe wounding as a young tank soldier on the Golan Heights in the Yom Kippur War (a theme that was repeatedly evoked as a canonical event in the Rav’s life), and made the shocking observation that she could have easily become a widow at the age of 19 (the other two soldiers in his tank, both close friends, were killed), and that HaShem had mercifully given her another 34 years with her husband, during which time he revealed a “new Tora” to the world. She spoke about his Tora being developed in the shadow of death, and his belief [like the existentialist philosophers] that it is exactly this awareness of the real possibility of death that gives life its intensity and potential for real meaning. She also spoke of the Chassidic ideal of continuing one’s hitkashrut with the Zaddik even after he has died, and that in a sense the Zaddik, though his Tora and his students, is even more present in death than in life.

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This Week in History: The sinking of the ‘Altalena’
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Sunday, June 26 @ 15:41:00 EDT
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[JewishIndy Editor:  Some things never change.  The Israeli government is still using Israeli soldiers against practicing Jews in Israel.  It doesn't turn the Israeli Army against secular Jews in israel, however...  The present State of Israel will fall (and is falling) from it's own skullduggery, and the Jewish People will continue in the service of our G-d.]

Decision to send Jewish soldiers against fellow Jews has never been forgiven by some who view it as betrayal of the purpose of a Jewish army.

Jerusalem Post
June 24, 2011

On June 20, 1948, just over a month after the State of Israel was established and shortly after the first cease fire in the War of Independence, Israel's first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, gave one of the country's most controversial orders ever - to take the Altalena by force.

Prior to the establishment of the state, several armed Jewish militias protected early Jewish settlers and fought against the British and hostile Arab forces. The largest of these groups were the Hagana and the Irgun Zva’I Leumi (Irgun or IZL). The Hagana, led by Ben-Gurion, became the Israeli Defense Forces once the state was declared in May 1948 and the Irgun was under the command of Menahem Begin.

In mid-May 1948, during the War of Independence, Ben-Gurion ordered the various militias disbanded and integrated into the IDF in order to create one army under a unified command. While some of the militias willingly sent their fighters and weaponry to the IDF, others were unwilling to relinquish the established paramilitary organizations they had built. Notably, the Irgun, for both ideological and political reasons, was unwilling to put itself under Ben-Gurion’s command.

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In Praise of Our Unsung Jewish Heroes and Repaying Them Our Debt of Gratitude
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Monday, April 25 @ 23:00:00 EDT
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By Bill Narvey
April  24th, 2011

Every now and then, you hear a song that resonates as you see in the lyrics, something of yourself or of someone you love or loved.  The more you listen, the harder the song grabs your guts.

For me, such song is the soulful,  Stand Back Up by  Sugarland (click here - see lyrics below) which is the plaintive, but inspiring words of  a person, buffeted hard, badly bruised  and knocked down by life, but whose indomitable spirit gives them the strength to always  stand back up.  The lyrics follow this piece.

At first,  flooding in were cherished memories of my larger than life hero, my Mom Anne, Alava Sholem.  Always high on life and love, she too overcame adversities with a never give up spirit. 

This piece however, is not about my Mom of blessed memory.

As I listened to this song, the words took me deeper to see them allegorically as speaking of  our leaders since Abraham including our  prophets,  sages, Kings,  philosophers and Rabbis  written of  in the Tanakh and our history, who sacrificed and suffered much to lead us in the ways of our religious and cultural Jewish existence.

My thoughts went deeper still.

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Hatikva at Bergen-Belsen
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Wednesday, March 23 @ 15:11:26 EDT
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In rare and moving footage dated to April 20th 1945, inmates at Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp sing the anthem of hope 'Hatikva.'

Hatikva at Bergen-Belsen  (Audio 3:45)

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Memorial at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva on Third Yarzeit of Massacre
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Friday, March 04 @ 09:29:05 EST
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By Gil Ronen
Arutz Sheva
March 4, 2011    28 Adar I, 5771

(Israelnationalnews.com) Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva in Jerusalem held a memorial ceremony Thursday evening marking the third yarzeit of the massacre of eight yeshiva boys.

The event was followed by an additional memorial gathering at the Yeshurun synagogue in Jerusalem. This video (19:35) features musical segments from the event.

At the memorial in the Yeshiva, the Yeshiva Head, Rabbi Yaakov Shapira, told the gathered audience: "They were not just murdered for the sanctification of G-d's Name - they lived foor the sanctification of G-d's Name. We remember them anew on this evening."

Rabbi Elyashiv Avichayil, whose son Segev Pniel was one of the eight martyrs, said: "Three years have passed since that cruel day, in which a terrorist hater of Israel entered, butchered and did not have mercy, murdered eight of our sons as they joyfully studied the Torah. These were three years of pain and tears."

"The entire nation was shocked, but in the world, there are still those who try to extinguish the light of Israel. We, the parents of the martyrs, call upon the sane and healthy world - stop limiting our light and our life in the Land of Israel." 

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Israel Essay Contest Commemorates Jabotinsky
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Monday, December 27 @ 16:16:10 EST
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By David Isaac
December 27, 2010

Student shakes hands with Israel's AFSI representative Bill Mehlman at Jabotinsky award ceremony, Dec. 19, 2010

On Sunday, Dec. 19th, hundreds of Israeli high school kids filled the Knesset’s main auditorium for the awards ceremony of the “Ze’ev Jabotinsky National Essay Contest”, which marked the 70th anniversary of his death. Fifteen students won cash prizes in five categories related to Jabotinsky’s life and work.

The contest was the brainchild of Herbert Zweibon, chairman of Americans for A Safe Israel, and organized by former Knesset Member Michael Kleiner, of the World Herut Movement, and Emanuel Weiser, of the Jabotinsky Order of Israel.

Shmuel would have been delighted. Jabotinsky had a profound impact on Shmuel, setting him on his lifelong mission of Zionist activity from the moment he first heard him speak at a small gathering of the Betar Youth Organization in South Africa in 1930. Shmuel was then only 15, but Jabotinsky’s philosophy remained with him all his life. In 1983, Shmuel wrote, Jabotinsky’s “influence on my thinking seems to me to remain undimmed even now, in the fifth decade after his death.”

In “Reflections on Jabotinsky” (The Jerusalem Post, Oct. 17, 1980), Shmuel writes:
[As] leader of the Revisionist-Zionist Movement, as leader of the Betar youth movement, as the inspirer and mentor of the underground Irgun Zvai Leumi, he was the teacher of two generations who played a crucial role in the miracle of our national rebirth. The texture of his teachings, passages from his political thought, find their way, years later, again and again into the thinking and the articulation of his disciples and his opponents alike.

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Israel Remembers the Holy Temple and the Holocaust on Tevet 10
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Friday, December 17 @ 07:10:51 EST
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By Maayana Miskin
Arutz Sheva
December 17, 2010    10 Tevet, 5771

(Israelnationalnews.com) Friday is the tenth day of the Hebrew month of Tevet, a fast day on which Jews remember the siege of Jerusalem that preceded the destruction of the First Temple and the Babylonian exile. The siege is described in the Bible in the Book of Kings.

The day is also the time at which mourning prayers are said for Holocaust victims whose date of death is not known. Many religious Jews mourn the Holocaust on the 10th of Tevet rather than on the date chosen by the Israeli government in the Hebrew month of Nissan.

The tenth of Tevet is observed as a fast from morning until nightfall. It is the only day-long fast day that can fall on a Friday.

Another event that is mourned on the 10th of Tevet is the day on which King Ptolemy of Egypt forced Jewish scholars to translate the Hebrew Bible into Greek. Their translation was used by those who sought to assimilate Jews into Greek culture, and later formed the basis of the Christian Bible, which for many centuries was used to promote persecution of Jews.

Yet another is the death of Ezra the Scribe, who led Jews back to Israel from their exile in Babylon and directed the construction of the Second Temple.


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Opinion: October 12th—A Day of Infamy
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Thursday, October 14 @ 08:14:05 EDT
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By Professor Phyllis Chesler
Arutz Sheva
October 12, 2010    4 Heshvan, 5771

The lynch in Ramallah - Israel news photo 

(Israelnationalnews.com) Do you remember where you were ten years ago on October 12th? That was the day that al-Qaeda bombed the USS Cole in Yemen. Seventeen sailors died in the attack.
But also on the very same day—two Israeli reservists, Vadim Norzich z”l, and Josef Avrahami, z”l, were lynched in the most barbaric fashion when they lost their way in Ramallah, which was the late Yasir Arafat’s headquarters.
I will never forget that day. That was the precise moment—and it preceded 9/11 by eleven months—that I knew, really knew, that the bloody beast was back, that we had entered an era of unending bloodshed. Over and over again, the footage was shown of the murderers who tortured, mutilated, and disemboweled the two Israelis, smiling like madmen, proudly displaying their hands smeared with Jewish blood. And how the Palestinian crowds cheered for them.
I watched them all, dancing in the blood of my people, partying like ghouls. No broadcaster, no well coiffed Talking Head drew back in horror. They showed these scenes but did not condemn them. International human rights activists and intellectuals remained silent, as did the entire United Nations.
I wept—that was the only time—because I understood that Jewish history was, once more, repeating itself. How foolish I’d been to think that we had finally escaped it. I wondered whether six million more would have to die before the bloodletting would stop.
And, I committed myself to the struggle.

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Remembering the Bialystok Uprising
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Sunday, August 29 @ 16:55:15 EDT
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By Maayana Miskin
Arutz Sheva
August 29, 2010    19 Elul, 5770

(Israelnationalnews.com) A memorial was held Sunday night in the city of Yahud to mark 67 years since the Bialystok ghetto uprising. The uprising was the second largest to take place during the Holocaust, smaller only than the more famous Warsaw ghetto battle.

Yaakov Kagan, head of the Bialystok community organization in Israel, spoke to Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language news service about the event.

“Bialystok was a city where 70% of the population was Jewish,” Kagan began. “There were more than 100 synagogues there. The Germans came and put all the Jews from Bialystok and the surrounding area in a ghetto. More than 200,000 Jews entered the ghetto,” he recalled.
By February 1943 only 15,000 Jews remained in the ghetto. Plans to liquidate the ghetto were postponed due to armed resistance. However, the liquidation proceeded in August.

With nothing to lose, hundreds of the Polish Jews in the ghetto decided to do what they could to fight the Nazi army, despite the fact that their only weapons were a few dozen pistols, some Molotov cocktails and acid, and a single machine gun. The rebel fighters were led by Mordechai Tenenbaum and Daniel Moszkowicz.

The Jewish resisters aimed to open a hole in the German lines, allowing ghetto residents to flee to the forest. The battle lasted five days, during which more than 300 Jews were killed each day as they fought with their meager weapons store against Nazis in tanks and armored cars.

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The Fast of the Ninth Day of Av (Tisha' Be'Av), (Mon. night,) July 20, 2010
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Monday, July 19 @ 01:13:44 EDT
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By Yoram Ettinger
July 19, 2010    8 Av, 5770

Faith, Morality, Commemoration and Optimism Underlining National Jewish Fasts:

* Jewish fasts commemorate critical historical and value-driven junctions, highlighting moral clarity, which constitutes a prerequisite to operational and existential clarity. Memory is Deliverance; forgetfulness is oblivion.

* Fasts highlight the difference between Oblivion (exile) and Deliverance (ingathering of Jews to their Homeland) and the moral requirements for Deliverance.

* Lamentation of past catastrophes symbolizes a sustained process of learning from past errors, paving the road to deliverance. The custom of house-cleaning on the 9th day of Av aims at welcoming deliverance.

* Fasts represent the recognition of one’s limitations and fallibility and the constant pursuit of moral enhancement, bolstering humility.

* Fasts – and the inherent adherence to commemoration - play a key role in the perpetual battle against negative influence.

* Fasts constitute a cardinal element of national, communal and family cohesion, emphasizing value-driven common denominator of identity.

*Fasts are a reminder that personal and national life consists of Ups and Downs, cautioning against euphoric and fatalistic mood. For example, the commemoration of national calamities by the fast of the 9th day of Av is succeeded by the 15th day of Av – a holiday of love and rapprochement.

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Holocaust Study: It Took Three Years for Polish Jewry to Wake Up
Remember Posted by jewishindy on Monday, April 12 @ 13:56:40 EDT
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By Hillel Fendel
Arutz Sheva
Nisan 28, 5770 / April 12, 2010

(Israelnationalnews.com) A new study by Dr. Chavi Dreyfuss Ben-Sasson analyzes the experiences of Polish Jewry as they dealt, or didn’t deal, with their neighbors and friends who suddenly became enemies and Nazi collaborators.

The study appeared several months ago in a book entitled, “We are Polish Jewry?” The book researches the relations between Jews and Poles during the Holocaust – relations that have been termed the “most complex and charged” of the entire Holocaust period.

Speaking with Arutz Sheva’s Hebrew newsmagazine on Holocaust Remembrance Day, Dreyfuss said that the picture that arises clearly is one of an “ongoing attempt to prettify the reality in the early war years and try to see the positive sides of Polish society. When [the Jews] encountered grave incidents, they termed them ‘marginal’ and ‘not representative’ of Polish society at large.”

The study is based on documents, letters and other written material, “from which the same consistent picture emerges,” she said. “It is hard to depend on oral testimony, because people don’t quite remember what they thought then. That is why I relied solely on written documentation.”

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The U.S. government

Is illegitimate because Obama is not U.S. born
Has destroyed the economy deliberately
Has emasculated the Constitution
Is in the process of sacrificing U.S. sovereignty
Has created 100's of concentration camps in U.S.
Creating 8 million-man strong army
Targets patriots instead of enemies
Systematically fortifies Israel's enemies
Refuses to stop the Irani nuke
Obstructs Israel's effort to stop the Irani nuke
Replacing freedom/capitalism w/socialism/fascism
All of the above


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